The Countess in Dubai…Part Three

As I look outside, the splendiferous view of the English Countryside greets me with a familiar view. Sadly my trip to Dubai has ended and I am back home in England once again. Dubai is an incredible City and a place that will always be in my heart, so to be able to come home and still feel happy is a good sign and one that I am truly grateful for.

The last part of my trip was focused on attending the Wedding of a dear friend. Whilst many people loathe Weddings, I have to admit that I love them and cannot see why anyone would not. This is a day that two people are committing their lives to one another in the name of Love. It is a day full of celebration and happiness and a time where everyone in attendance can be thankful for their loved ones. I know when I attend a Wedding I always feel a sense of gratitude for being able to share my life and love with my husband, the Earl.

This Wedding was one of the most fabulous Weddings I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The success of a Wedding is largely down to impeccable organisation and this Wedding ran exceptionally smoothly. It is important that throughout the day all guests are kept entertained and never left to stand around. I have been to many Weddings where there have been long delays between each stage. For example, I have attended Weddings where guests have been left to entertain themselves whilst the Bride and Groom spend hours having photographs taken. When planning my own Wedding, this was something I made very clear was not to happen. I wanted to ensure that guests were entertained from the very first moment of arriving to my reception. I did hire a reputable event planner to assist me with this and I would highly recommend any future bride to do so also. On your Wedding Day you will be far too busy to worry about logistics, instead you should be allowed to enjoy your day and pay someone else to do this professionally.

The Bride of this Wedding had obviously considered the importance of keeping guests entertained as there was not a time throughout the day that we had the opportunity to be bored. Whilst the Bride and Groom were having photographs taken, guests were seated in a magnificent room where a small ballet production was shown. This was a fantastic way to entertain guests rather than leaving them to stand around without a seat. Once the ballet had ended we were immediately seated for Dinner. As I mentioned earlier, organisation is key and this is why this Wedding was so successful.

The Wedding was the perfect end to my Dubai trip, although I have to admit I am now left feeling somewhat exhausted! Dubai is not a place to visit if you want to relax. Yes the weather is perfect but there is so much to do and experience, one would waste time worshipping the Sun all day. For me, I am now glad to be back to normality and cannot wait for tomorrow when I shall walk my Dogs amongst England’s green and pleasant land.


The Countess x


Favourite Country House of The Week..Harewood House

This week I present to you Harewood House. The House, located in Harewood near Leeds, West Yorkshire, England was designed by the architects John Carr and Robert Adam andwas built from 1759 to 1771 for wealthy trader Edwin Lascelles, 1st Baron Harewood.

Still home to the Lascelles family, Harewood House is a member of Treasure Houses of England, a marketing consortium for nine of the foremost historic homes in England. The house itself is a Grade I listed building, there are a number of features in the grounds and courtyard that have been listed as Grade I, II and II*.

The estate has been transferred into a trust ownership structure, and as a result is managed by Harewood House Trust and is open to the public most of the year. Harewood won a Large Visitor Attraction of the Year award in the 2003 national Excellence in England awards and remains a popular Yorkshire tourist attraction. As well as tours of the house and grounds, visitors can enjoy the Himalayan Garden and its stupa, an educational bird garden, an extensive adventure playground and catering facilities, including fine dining. From May 2007 to October 2008 the grounds also contained Yorkshire’s first planetarium, the Yorkshire Planetarium.


The Countess x

Why The Duchess of Cambridge is winning in the pregnancy style stakes

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a close acquaintance of mine since she became the girlfriend of Prince William, and I have to say, I have always admired her dressing etiquette and style. She understands her position in society and the image she has to uphold even with all the temptation to choose heels and hemlines that are just an inch higher. The Duchess has shown the World that to get on best dressed lists you do not need to go to the extremes of Lady Gaga,instead  the winning formula is to dress like a lady.

Whilst many give up and throw on a baggy sweater and leggings combo, the Duchess has ensured that her maternity ensembles remain true to her elegant image and opted for style over comfort. I have not yet been pregnant and no doubt when the time comes I will be severely close to succumbing to said sweater and leggings, however it is said apart from her Wedding day, a woman never receives as much attention than whilst she is pregnant. It is for this reason exactly why it is so important to choose your maternity wardrobe with care and consideration. Kate’s bump is only small so some might say that it has been easy thus far to dress it well, however i’m sure the bigger she grows, the better her style and for that Duchess of Cambridge..we salute you!


The Countess x