The Countess in Dubai…Part Two

Today I write having ‘endured’ a rather busy day of shopping. This comes after complaining that I had brought too much luggage; Lets just say I shall be going back with even more. The Dubai Mall is an experience like no other, the World’s largest Mall, it is a marvel and I could not resist the opportunity to spend the day indulging in one of my favourite hobbies..retail therapy. It is difficult to explain just how huge the Dubai Mall is, so instead I will provide you with the facts. It is 5,400,00 sq ft, has 1,200 shops, an ice rink and gigantic aquarium. I will be honest and admit that I did not even see the ice rink or aquarium today, it was fashion that was on my agenda and fashion is what was delivered.

Fashion Avenue in the Dubai Mall is perfect for Ladies who love labels. It is the VIP area of the Mall (although you do not have to be a VIP to enter) and the difference is obvious. In this section, the floors are bathed in plush cream carpets, chesterfield seating adorns the walkways, magnificent artwork hangs from the ceilings. When Dubai makes a statement it does so boldly and without mercy. This is what I love about Dubai, it is so proudly extravagant and who does not love that from time to time? Fashion Avenue did manage to get my undivided attention today, and it is with regret (or not) that I did not manage to spend a little more time exploring other areas.

For Lunch, I dined at Madeleines, a French restaurant with a large terrace that overlooks the Dubai Fountains. I have seen the fountains before but I must say I still found them mesmerising today. For anyone visiting, I would recommend doing this at night as the display just feels more incredible. The Burj Khalifa lights up as the fountain dances and the whole spectacle makes the hair stand on end.

I am now on the Yacht enjoying the sun before I have to get ready for the Evening. I shall be attending the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition as I did not manage to attend in London or Paris and then I shall be attending a large reception with The Earl and two hundred guests.

Tomorrow is the Wedding Day which shall last all day and night. Please check back with me on Tuesday to read Part Three,


The Countess x

Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall. Taken with iPhone

Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall. Taken with iPhone



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