It is good to be back!

For the last five days I have been suffering from Flu, perhaps one of the most energy zapping minor illnesses one can endure. I have been confined to my boudoir not able to lift a finger with even my fingernails and hair hurting! Yesterday however, I began to feel much better so decided that today I would leave my bed (finally), have my hairdresser round to give my greasy mane a fabulous blow dry and get back to my life. When you are ill it is only then that one realises the luxury of being able to live one’s day to day life feeling well, mobile and able. It makes one realise how terrible it must be for the millions out there who suffer daily with more serious illnesses and disabilities; I truly admire these very people. For those of you who have missed me during my absence, sincere apologies and please be ready for lots of new posts and articles.


The Countess x


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