My Guide to Elegance..Part One – Hair

Over the years, I have gained a plethora of experience and understanding of how to achieve an elegant image. Join me every day as I share with you my knowledge, hints and tips on how to be more elegant. Today I am going to focus on how to exude elegance with your hairstyle. Elegance is not an attribute that can be conveyed to the World simply by the way that one looks, but it is certainly a good place to start. Most people do not realise how much our appearance contributes to the way we are viewed in society.  How many of us use appearance as a decision making tool in our day to day lives? Whom do we hire, whom do we date, who do we aspire to, and what is more important, who do we trust?  We like to think that we are judging people on their merits and not the way that they look; But are we? It is for this reason exactly why I have decided to talk about appearance first. We can alter our appearance quickly and effectively in a very short amount of time and if one chooses, without breaking the bank. Thanks to High Street retailers, it is now possible for everyone to dress well and maintain an elegant image. I also chose to start with appearance as I believe that if one appears elegant then one will feel elegant and people will begin to alter the way in which they view you. Regarding appearance I believe that elegance is achieving a look that is timeless. In other words, although having the latest trendy hair cut may look good today, how will it look tomorrow? Even now we can look at pictures of Grace Kelly for example, and be inspired by her image and style and adopt aspects of it into our lives. If you can achieve a timeless image like this, then you are going to look fabulous forever!


 In days gone by, a lady would wear her hair in an elegant up style and it would only be worn down to retire to the bedroom. However, over time this rule has changed and up styles are normally reserved for more formal occasions and it is the norm to have elegant, flowing locks. My recommendation for the modern lady would be to keep it simple when it comes to hair. In fact, simplicity is a key ingredient to elegance as has been proven by time. Hairstyles of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were all wildly experimental and can now only be looked back on as periods of embarrassing taste (we all remember the perm, do we not?)

 I would advise you stick to your natural colour. This is the colour you were born with and Mother Nature knows what she is doing! Many people feel the need for change but truly, your natural colour was made for you. The only exception to this rule however, is to the lighten the hair as you get older. Blonde is much more effective at covering grey hair and makes the face appear younger. Altering the colour to a different shade of your natural hair is also acceptable and can make the hair look more vibrant. If you insist on changing the colour completely, then please consider the eyebrows (there is nothing more ghastly than a blonde with dark brows). Speaking of brows you should ensure that yours are kept neat and tidy but not plucked away to nothingness! The brow should not be be too thick or thin and shaped to compliment the brow bone. An eyebrow pencil can be used to fill in gaps and achieve a neater look. I would keep in mind ‘less is more’ when using this trick, however.

 “I think that the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent, of course – is her hairdresser”

     Joan Crawford

 The above quote is absolutely true! When you find that hairdresser who makes you feel amazing, there is no better feeling. A good hairdresser will be able to suggest what looks will suit your face shape, what colours will compliment your skin tone and will always be able to create a beautiful, bouncy blow-dry. This is a style that is fantastic as it is so versatile. It will look smart and elegant for business, chic and sophisticated for everyday, and glamorous yet elegant for the evening. With the blow dry you cannot go wrong.

  •  Unless you have a large bank balance and copious amounts of free time, it is quite absurd to expect to be able to visit the salon everyday. Here is an elegant style that can be adopted for everyday life. It is best to do this in the evening before you sleep.
  •  First, thoroughly cleanse and condition your hair. Use the flats of your fingers not your fingertips or nails to massage in the product and encourage increased circulation to the scalp.
  •  Rinse your hair thoroughly for at least two minutes to remove any residue. The hair will shine if it rinsed really well. Lightly towel dry
  •  Now apply styling products. Use some blow dry oil or serum. A small amount is needed and will give the hair a brilliant shine. Work the serum down the mid length of the hair to the ends avoiding the roots. Spritz a root boosting spray onto the roots which will help lift the roots and add volume.
  •  For a shinier finish, hair should not be dripping wet but should be about 80% wet. The hair will have a smoother finish if it has more moisture whilst blow drying.
  •  Divide the hair into sections starting at the back. With a concentrator nozzle attached, blow dry a section of the hair with the nozzle pointing down. A brush will aid control but is not essential as we are not aiming for perfection. 
  •  Once one section is dry and whilst the hair is still hot, apply sleep-in rollers and secure with pins, Continue with the rest of your hair until you are finished.
  •  When you wake the next day, remove the rollers and brush the hair through with a large paddle brush. Finish with hold spray and your hair should look shiny, bouncy and full.


For evenings and other special occasions, it can be elegant to wear the hair in a sophisticated up style. Your hairdresser should be able to create a style for this purpose. I think it is important to keep it simple and chic with an up-style. Corkscrew tight curls are to be avoided at all costs and ideally all clips and pins should be hidden discreetly unless they are designed to be shown. 


Join me tomorrow where I will be advising how to achieve elegance by having a glowing complexion and flawless makeup.


The Countess x


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