The Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition..Dubai

 Little Black Jacket is an iconic jacket designed by the late Coco Chanel in the early 50’s that has been re-imagined by Karl Lagerfeld since he took control of the CHANEL fashion empire.With this exhibition, the public get a chance to witness the originality, timelessness and versatility of the Little Black Jacket through Lagerfeld’s original photographs with styling by Carine Roitfeld

Due to commitments, I was unable to attend this exhibition in London or Paris, so I have decided I will be attending in Dubai. The Exhibition will be running in Dubai from April 27 – May 11 at  Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown DubaiI adore the Chanel Jacket so I could not miss out on this, plus it is another excuse to visit one of my favourite cities.

Alongside the exhibition, CHANEL will present its latest spring and summer collection of jackets in its boutiques at the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Burjuman Centre.












The Countess x


2 thoughts on “The Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition..Dubai

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