The Countess shares her favourite Hotels

I have been lucky enough to travel the World and visit some of the most beautiful places imaginable. I do have to be honest and admit that when it comes to travelling, I like all the comforts of Home and would not have fun ‘roughing it’ to say the least. The Four Seasons have provided me with some of the most exquisite accommodations over the years and they feature heavily in this post. I know with a Four Seasons Hotel I am going to get incredible accommodation, impeccable service and a superb location. Some of the trips I have been on with the Earl have been last minute and I have not had time to research a Hotel, when this happens I simply book a Four Seasons knowing it will be perfect. When in London my favourite place to stay is The Ritz. My family have been staying at this establishment for generations and I too adore it’s regal charm and luxurious comfort. My Husband and I often considered investing in a Townhouse in Belgravia but eventually realised that it would have been pointless as we would only pine for our second home, The Ritz. We also adore the Ritz in Paris and whilst here I cannot resist the Coco Chanel Suite. I find it very moving to think that Chanel spent most of her days here creating a legacy. Unfortunately it is now closed for refurbishment and will be sorely missed. I attend the Dubai World Cup every year and whilst in the fabulous city, I reside at the One & Only Royal Mirage. The hotel named after a Prince travelling the Desert who had a mirage of a luxurious Palace. This dream was realised and is embodied in this establishment. This Hotel is a real Arabian delight with luscious surroundings and pristine accommodation. Nearby in Abu Dhabi I decided to stay at the Emirates Palace. I had read about this Hotel in the news and had to experience it for myself. The Palace cost £3.9 Billion to build and the Suites are decorated with Gold and Marble. It would not be an exaggeration to say that one felt like the Queen, residing here! In the Gallery below you will see the Four Seasons Hotel located in the Serengeti. This is a new establishment and next on my list to visit. The villas overlook the National Park with a view of African wildlife, it is almost like a picture of Heaven. Enjoy the gallery and please do comment and let me know some of your favourite Hotels and destinations.


The Countess x


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