Interior Splendor by Pierre-Yves Rochon

My Husband the Earl and I, inherited the Family Country Estate in 2010 when his Father sadly passed away. Many generations of the family have lived in this house and it is a remarkable Estate full of history and charm. The House and Gardens are open to the public almost 365 days of the year so that they can enjoy the collection of art, antiques and history the house has to offer. My husbands father was very heavily involved with the running of the Estate; The Private quarters were perfectly comfortable for him and had not been altered since the 1960’s. However as his death was of course a terrible loss, we felt that our new home needed a renovation to make it more comfortable and to bring the grandeur up to the level of the rest of the house. I did a lot of research to find an interior designer who specialised in Historic Homes and would be able to restore our Private Wing sympathetically. It is also important to consider that the house is Grade 1 listed which means it can be terribly difficult for ones plans to be put into fruition. We decided to consult French Interior Designer Pierre Yves Rochon who’s work, as you will see, is out of this World! To give you an idea of the end result, here is a selection of rooms designed by PYR that show his remarkable capabilities.


The Countess x


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