Why The Duchess of Cambridge is winning in the pregnancy style stakes

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a close acquaintance of mine since she became the girlfriend of Prince William, and I have to say, I have always admired her dressing etiquette and style. She understands her position in society and the image she has to uphold even with all the temptation to choose heels and hemlines that are just an inch higher. The Duchess has shown the World that to get on best dressed lists you do not need to go to the extremes of Lady Gaga,instead  the winning formula is to dress like a lady.

Whilst many give up and throw on a baggy sweater and leggings combo, the Duchess has ensured that her maternity ensembles remain true to her elegant image and opted for style over comfort. I have not yet been pregnant and no doubt when the time comes I will be severely close to succumbing to said sweater and leggings, however it is said apart from her Wedding day, a woman never receives as much attention than whilst she is pregnant. It is for this reason exactly why it is so important to choose your maternity wardrobe with care and consideration. Kate’s bump is only small so some might say that it has been easy thus far to dress it well, however i’m sure the bigger she grows, the better her style and for that Duchess of Cambridge..we salute you!


The Countess x




4 thoughts on “Why The Duchess of Cambridge is winning in the pregnancy style stakes

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