Do you get the Point?

This Season has seen the re-emergence of the pointed pump. Jimmy Choo especially, has spearheaded this comeback with their incredibly chic designs and range of options. I have to say that I never really fell out of love with the pointed shoe and it came as a shock when I ventured to Harrods one day and was greeted by a sea of round toe pumps! The pointed shoe has been chic since forever, classic fashionistas such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn all adored the pointy pump and as a lady who likes to keep my look timeless, I too cannot tell you how happy I am to see their comeback. Here are my favourite pointed pumps of the season and I have to confess, I just had to have them all..after all it had been so long. Point well made, I say!


The Countess x

All shoes are available from


3 thoughts on “Do you get the Point?

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