Greetings from The Countess

Hello and sincere thanks for visiting me here today on Countess Undercover, my first ever blog! Let me begin by giving you a brief background of my life and why I decided to share it publicly online.

I was born in Oxfordshire, England in 1981. My Mother gave birth to me at our family home which has been the seat of my ancestors since the 17th Century. My Fathers family can be traced back even further than this and as he is an Earl, I was born a Lady. I attended University in England and met my future husband who also comes from an aristocratic family. In 2007 we married and in 2010 his Father (also an Earl) sadly passed away which meant we inherited his title and Hertfordshire Estate. Before we go any further, let me apologise for being so vague about the intimacies of my life; It is not my desire to reveal my identity, therefore I cannot present too much detail.

I decided to write this blog as I have noticed the surge in interest from the general public of aristocratic families and the way we live. The phenomenal success of Downton Abbey, further proves my point that the World is very much interested in the lives of the Aristocracy. I also thought it would be rather innovative for me to use the blog as place for me to record the events of my life for personal reasons. My ancestors wrote letters and diaries almost every day which meant that their descendants could uncover details of their lives and give an insight to their past. Unfortunately today hardly anyone writes letters or diaries, instead choosing more up to date methods such as emails and social media platforms. 

Being a Countess means I am able to live a life far different from the average person. To be able to share my experiences with you all is truly exciting. I am a slave to Fashion so this will also be an opportunity to indulge in my passion and share it with the online community.

As time goes by, this blog will most likely venture off course and become something entirely different to what I intended. I hope that it will become a hub of various topics and discussions and a place that people truly find interesting.


The Countess x


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